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Michael Cashmore

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One of the constituents of our freedom is that we can move through space and one of the most beautiful ways in which humans can move through space is using the principles of

t’ai chi.


The subtle form of movement starts as an impression internally conceived as “will” which becomes an intention that externally expresses itself in the most beautiful shapes in space around the body. It has poetically been described as a “kinetic sculpturing of space”.


The formal movement of the performer honours the dignity of space. The discipline of form brings into relief the secret nature of space – an invisible, almost spiritual evanescence in which the movement seems to be suspended. T’ai chi, dance, ballet are all examples of the supreme form here; it is where the human body embraces gracefulness, moving with effortless ease as if from the burden of gravity.


If you observe the patterns of movement and rest you can see the myriad of changes, patterns of harmonious relationship between all living beings.


When you are mindful in times of rest, you are observant in times of movement.


If you have self-mastery in times of rest, you can be decisive in times of movement.


If you have stability in times of rest, actions will not lead to unfortunate results when you move.


Rest is the potential for movement; movement is the kinesis of rest. In t’ai chi it is epitomised as a harmonious and unified integration of “Yin and Yang” (rest and activity/passive and active principles) characterised by the classical symbol of t’ai chi.


When you do not lose the constant relationship between rest and movement your path will be illuminated and you can attain a higher level of wisdom and self-mastery.





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