Nature has been both kind and fair to us. We have received not only the gift of life but also when we

look closely,we find that each of us have received a unique collection of talents and strengths to use in

making the most of our lives.


Looking within ourselves is the most important thing we can do to learn how to live well. Meditation

serves the purpose and in the process creates in us the capacity for greater self-knowledge. Through this

self-discovery and  the resulting love for others, we can experience what “Being in the World” really means.


Meditation is foremost a relaxation exercise, and combined with breathing techniques is the first step to be

mastered before progressing further.


With the increasing number of stress-related illness’ evident in our society, meditation is one form of self-therapy for mind and body.

It will also help you concentrate better, improve mental clarity and performance, and increase vitality. A person with a still calm mind will have more energy and better health.


Meditation for Awareness is the primary method of changing our minds, because it is only through meditation that we can feel changing attitudes within ourselves.


No matter how much we read or discuss, philosophising does not actually change anything. It is only by putting our good intentions into practice, can we have an effect on others and ourselves.


It is through the process of awareness that feelings are integrated with what we think and do, raising our level of consciousness and ultimately the ability to achieve our full potential as human beings.


“When we truly listen to the “heart” in the stillness of meditation, we can know for ourselves what best to do in any situation, however morally and emotionally fraught it seems…. With meditation practice to support us, and the precepts to guide our actions, we are more likely to make wise decisions and fewer mistakes (even though these decisions may often go against current thinking in society at large.” Rev. Chushin Passmore


The aim of meditation is to focus on the basic nature of the mind-body process in order to understand it’s true characteristics. The value of this practice is that it allows people to “look” and “see” how thoughts and feelings arise in the mind. It is a process of self-reflection and detachment, which creates peace and calm in the mind and body releasing the natural spirit of human activity. In stress management this is an important skill because it has a bearing on self-development and many of the interpersonal skills and relationships we try to foster.


People who meditate

- react to disturbances at the time they occur, not differ to the future

- daily routines become more interesting, savouring each experience, even if repeated. Boredom is not a issue

- separate the “moment” from other roles and duties by focusing on one thing at a time without losing sight of goals

- are able to direct large amounts of energy to personal growth as opposed to excessive material gain which leads to “burnout”

- do not identify with source of problems, there is no attachment to events which create a burden.




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The Power of Meditation


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