The chief instructor and founder of movement4life, Michael Cashmore, is a physical education and science graduate from Loughborough University with 38 years experience in this field of work. Michael lived and worked in SE Asia for 16 years where he was able to learn and experience a wide range of physical cultural activities to help in his development of a unique approach to exercise and wellness management.


After a spell at medical school and several mangaement career changes Michael graduated with a B.Sc. in Physical Education and Sports Science in 1981 and after a short spell as Manager of a Health and Fitness Club in Warrington moved to Singapore as Operations Director in the health and fitness industry, much of that time as a consultant developing business projects and managing luxury health and leisure clubs throughout S.E Asia. He also spent three years sharing his expertise, working as a senior lecturer within the higher education sector in Singapore and introduced stress management to Singapore in 1992 as part of an initiative by the Civil Service Institute.


Michael continued to organize stress management programmes as a consultant to many health and fitness institutions, and schools in Singapore and England, and has lectured extensively in other areas such as Workplace Health Promotion, Fitness Leadership, Personal Training and Business Communications.


Michael developed a keen interest in the martial arts, t'ai chi and yoga in the late 80’s while living in Singapore and studying with a Chinese Master of Shaolin as well as TCM Physicians and other Qigong Masters from mainland China. He is a graduate of the Nature Cure Institute, Singapore.


After incorporating the concepts into his own holistic view of education he published a book on health and exercise, “Taichi Aerobics”, in 1993. His unique East-West approach to teaching physical education is the culmination of many years of disciplined practice, training and personal development. The present programme has been continually updated and evolved with teaching and interaction with particiapnts at his classes, workshops and masterclasses . In addition to his formal graduate studies, Michael has developed a wide range of skills including counselling, acupressure, meditation, transactional analysis, and team building.






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